Part 2

The American Connection!

As outlined earlier, the United States (and Canada to some degree) had their own versions of the Stylophone, and this included an amplifier as an optional extra.
Made in Hong Kong under the name 'Winston', it was a much more basic affair than the Dubreq 125.

The unit has no control for volume, or any tonal adjustment. The amp doesn't even include an on/off switch!. What it does have however, is a clear indication on the front panel to what the amplifier is specifically made for. This is a very nice touch, as a Stylophone keyboard outlay is shown on the front of the unit. In fact, compared to the Dubreq model, it would be much more recognizable as a stylophone add-on.
The Dubreq 125 amp does not mention the stylophone anywhere on its' livery, and could be mistaken as just another obscure instrument amp.

Powered by 6 x 'C' size batteries, the Winston amp features 2 plugs at the end of 2 long leads; one for the amplifier output socket of the Stylophone, and the other as a separate stylo power source. These are located in the rear compartment of the amp; the back secured by 2 press-stud straps.

The two amplifier plugs shown along side a 'wood effect' Stylophone.
The plugs and sockets are of different size to eliminate error in connection.

Battery compartment for 6 x 'C' cells, giving the required 9v power source for the Stylophone.

The back 'leather-look' panel lifted up to reveal the insides.
When not in use, the amp and power wires are coiled up and stored away in a compartment.

The Winston amp is smaller than it's Dubreq 125 counterpart, measuring (approx) 8" wide, 6" tall, and 2.5" deep. (The height figure does not include the handle, which is a fixed non-folding type).
Speaker-wise, the size and build is much less than the Dubreq and the overall quality does not approach that of the original amp.
It is however, a neat looking unit, and the stitched 'leather look' back and sides make it appear better than it actually is!.