Records and play-along books were the main additions to the range of products, as this picture indicates. Also shown, (seen laid across the record covers), are keyboard overlays. These were used so that the 'Stylophonist' could follow the tune books easily, having the option to use music notation, or the simpler numbers method favoured by youngsters and non music-reading people alike.

Unlike the example shown here, an introductory 7" 33 rpm record was included with the larger boxes, giving Rolf Harris the chance to teach you how to play the instrument.

The small, but colouful basic packaging of the 'Rolf-less' Stylophone. The colourful manual would also eventually be replaced with a more basic affair.


The packaging of any consumer item can have a great affect on sales.
The stylophone boxes would see a number of changes to keep up with trends...

These boxes could house the all white stylophone, or the black and white versions.
Both 'lift-off' lids or 'slide-in' tray boxes were seen in these designs.

note the dark spacers between the upper row of keys

The size of the pocket stylophone remained the same throughout, but changes were made to the size of the box. This meant that the 'demonstration record' could be included with the unit, and the actual stylophone could be displayed through a window in the lid.

Although Rolf Harris is featured on the records shown here, he hasn't made it to the box yet!

In all instances, polystyrene packing was used to protect the little instruments from damage.

Shirt-collar lengths reach their peak!

Opening the back of the 'New Sound' model for battery fitting

The follow up to the basic design and colour scheme as shown above. This larger box would contain the same small polystyrene tray, but with a cardboard block next to it to take up the extra space. The larger overall size meant that a demonstration record could now be included.

The dark spacers no longer there.

Rolf's lost his glasses and gone grey!.........

or has he?

Click on the flag for the German connection.....!