The Stylophone logo on virtually all the models seen are moulded into the actual body of the front casing, in relief from the surround. These were then painted silver to match the speaker grill.
This gives a very distinctive touch to the overall appearance of the instrument, and the style of the lettering/logo in itself was a nifty bit of design in the first place.

Some models actually came with the logo attached to the Stylophone case, as opposed to being pre-moulded. These were fixed by way of two pegs located on the back of the logo, and pushed into holes in the case.

These are twice the thickness of the pre-moulded type, though the height and length of the lettering is the same.

the Stylophone nameplate
removed showing location holes

pegs on nameplate push into holes

the nameplate in place,
giving a rather 'bolder'
look to the normal finish

The examples just shown include a model Stylophone a little different from the rest in one main area, and that is the colour of the speaker grill.
On this model it is black, with the main body of the unit being white.
Together with the push-fit Stylophone logo, and the dark spacers between the keys, its' appearance is quite distinctive, though probably not quite as eye catching due to the absence of a bright shiny grill.


A simple, easily recognisable design of a logo that is a major part of the overall charm and appeal of the instrument...