The one shown on the left below, (alongside a UK model), was made in Hong Kong.
The only obvious sign is when the back is viewed. Access to the battery differs, with the far east model having a slide-on battery cover, and a single large screw securing the back casing.

These Far Eastern Stylophones were imported by a company in Chicago, USA, and sold in the States.

Made in Hong Kong

Made in England

The box lid and accompanying song book for the Hong Kong- -made USA model Stylophone

Hong Kong

There is some question as to whether these stylophones are 'genuine', or not. Although the unit itself bears the standard stylophone logo, the box itself does not. In most instances, there is no mention of Dubreq, the UK company that designed, built and marketed the stylophone in the first place.
Problems were experienced by the Dubreq company regarding patent infringments, but licences were apparantly also granted, so it is very difficult to catagorise this particular model.

Another variation pictured here is perhaps the most easy to 'pigeon hole', as it has quite noticable differences when compared to the Cricklewood Lane - London models.

The grill itself can unfortunately be likened to a cheese-grater, having smaller apertures with quite a sharp edge to them when compared to a UK stylophone. It has the slide-on/off battery compartment as seen on the one above, and was again made in Hong Kong.
The stylophone lead is also very thin in comparison, and there is just that overall feel of 'cost-cutting' inferior quality with the whole unit.

It would be wrong however to dismiss them all together, as some the variants produce a very rich and pleasing tone, but as with most of the models that were made, the tonal quality varied from one to another.

An interesting point here is the fact that both these Hong Kong - made stylophones carry a circled 'R' (registered trade mark) top-right of the E in the stylophone logo. I cannot remember ever seeing this mark - other than a few wood-finish units - on any standard finish genuine UK-made model!.
(This could be the ultimate insult to a company who may have just had their copyright infringed!).

UK model

HK model

HK Stylophone

Not all the 'pocket' stylophones were made in England by Dubreq of London.
A number of models were made in the far east.....

A stylophone variant that deserves a mention is shown on the next page....

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