Dubreq produced what would be known as a 'gold'* Stylophone. This was the 'bass' version, pitched an octive lower than the 'standard scale' models. The colour of the body is brown/tan, with a white battery/component cover.
The logo is the normal silver finish, but the grill is gold in colour.
This makes it quite attractive, but alas - it is the worst in terms of tonal quality!.

The simple fact is that the bass model exceeds its' own limitations.
The notes played at the bottom end of the scale sound vague, and the vibrato effect when switched to 'on' has trouble with these lower frequencies.

Because of the sound quality, Dubreq would have had a hard time in selling this model compared to its' white and black counterparts.

It was a nice idea to have a stylophone covering the lower scale, but the very poor sound output meant it was not successful.

(*This model should not be confused with an actual gold--plated Stylophone that was created for a special occasion in 1973. Details on that real gold rarity can be found HERE !)