Rolf hasn't changed his appearance......

This is Bill Ramsey - a German jazz/singing artist, and tv/film personality!.

Bill was the face on the German packaging of the Stylophone, and the instruction book. His resemblance to Rolf is obvious to see; albeit without the glasses. Musical connections are also there, and again Bill's involvement with children's tv programmes - among many others - would make him the perfect celebrity to advertise the Stylophone in Germany.
My initial reaction was 'Bill who'! - when I saw the name on the box.
This obviously happens to overseas viewers who also ask a similar 'Rolf who'! when they see Rolf's name all over the UK packaging.

Having visited Bill's website at, I can clearly see that he is a very well known personality in that part of the world, so will probably have German/Austrian/Swiss patriots shouting 'you've never heard of Bill?!' at the screen.
Originally from the USA, Bill moved to Germany some years ago and settled there to become an established jazz artist.
Again - how much contribution the Stylophone made on the jazz recordings is anyone's guess!.

The packaging of the German unit mirrors the layout of the British equivalent, with Bill taking Rolf's place, and the 'signature' giving it an air of true recommendation.
Apart from the colour content of the box, the main difference is the exclusion of the 'see-thru' cellophane window. The overall dimensions of the box are exactly the same as the large British format boxes.
These are genuine Dubreq model Stylophones, and the polystyrene inner tray is again exactly the same as UK models, and carries the Dubreq stamp in the corner.
The booklet included with the unit however, is twice the normal size.

There is a slight difference in the design of the logo on the box; noticeably the 'S' and the 'e' in the Stylophone name.

Original logo shown here for comparison